Wednesday, October 03, 2007

You Tubing Steve Earle

I can't tell you much about Steve Earle, the hardcore troubadour, other than he's had a really, really hard life, much of it self-inflicted. Is it true he missed signing a record contract in Nashville because he decided instead he needed to get his heroin fix? And I can't really explain why I like his music, other than I'm a sucker for an acoustic guitar and anyone who dare strum it with such wild abandon and sharp biting vocals that delight in telling you how pissed at the world they are. For a better perspective, Bret has a good Steve Earle post here. Here is my current favorite song (that will change by next week I'm sure), "I Feel Alright," and I encourage you to just listen, because he is really too hard to watch in this video! This song is ruining me, it's just so angry and pleasantly righteous and the guitar picking is near perfection, I can't get enough of it!

P.S. Matt and I have a new show on Radio Ojai - he's got a few things to say about local milk prices!


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