Monday, December 11, 2006

An Artist's View of Ojai

Karen Winters, an Emmy award-winning producer and writer for ABC News 20/20, shared a recent sketch of an Ojai landscape from her daily art and sketchblog.

Click photo to view an enlarged image.

Titled "Citrus Valley," the sketch captures what she saw during a recent drive through our valley. On her blog she observes, "Most of the area is agricultural with rolling hills covered with avocado and citrus groves, and many eucalptus windbreaks."

The artist tells me she plans to turn this and other sketches from her recent travels into oil paintings. "I'll be painting a series of these watercolors and oils based on my trip to the area and someone might just enjoy seeing their farm, vineyard or favorite vista."

Please visit her blog at to view this and other works, including her 11/30 entry entitled, "Fire in Ojai," an incredible watercolor of the recent Day Fire.


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