Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sons of Lee Marvin

Aussie goth rocker Nick Cave of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds has been a diligent student of American roots music for decades. You can hear the influences all over his music, particularly in recent songs like "15 Feet of Pure White Snow" and the Kylie Minogue duet about the serial killer and his victim, "Where the Wild Roses Grow."

Cave's gritty, stunning movie directorial debut, "The Proposition," came out last year to rave reviews. The cast was superb - Emily Watson, Danny Huston, Guy Pierce, while Ray Winstone may be the most underrated actor working today.

Besides his talents as a writer, a director, actor, musician, songwriter, music historian and a novelist, Cave is also a member of highly secretive group, called the "Sons of Lee Marvin," comprised of people who could plausibly appear to be the progeny of the prolific actor. Other members are reputed to be Tom Waits, Jim Jarmusch, Richard Bose, Mickey Rourke and Neil Young. It could well be the Cosmic Order of the Illuminati of our age. Jarmusch said, "We have communiques and secret meetings. Other than that, I can't talk about it."

Here's a sample of his work:


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