Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween Ms. Winehouse!

I thought it would be fun to dress-up as Amy Winehouse for Halloween, but I ran out of jet-black eyeliner and I just couldn't get my hair to beehive. Oh, and I can't sing a lick.

My friend, Yoga Matt (remember him?), has been going on and on about the British songstress, and since I know you music fans out there are missing Bret's music blogs, I thought I would try to give you something to chew on. Winehouse was on a recent cover of Rolling Stone, and writer Jenny Eliscu referred to her latest album, Back to Black, as, "...a stylized collection of R&B throwbacks that sound like a British hip-hop brat's interpretation of Sixties Motown soul in the best possible way..." Winehouse's problems with addiction are no secret, and though I am more partial to the sultry "Love Is a Losing Game," I'll give you her more popular, albiet defiant, hit "Rehab:"


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