Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Syncronocity and the art of Preparedness

Synchronicity and the Art of Preparedness

We all have encountered moments categorized as 'coincidence', or 'fate', or some other attributable definition that brings reason to the moment. Too often we either dismiss the occurrence out of hand, or rely on the universal machinery of space and time to bring us into alignment with another special moment. I have learned that the old Boy Scout motto, "Be Prepared," are words so wise they may have been etched in some ancient stone by divine hands. We have the ability in our lives to supercharge these little soul engines of ours, enhancing and increasing our experiences here. I would like to propose an adage to the idea that we grow old when we stop dreaming: we grow tried when we are no longer ready.

Be always ready for the grand adventure of life.

Two quick stories...

Last year (2005), I was sheltering my lawn from the angry August rays with water when suddenly I had the strong urge to go to Libbey Park. "Okay, I guess, lets go!" I told myself. With the words, "never leave your camera," mantras of so many mentors ringing in my ears, I drove downtown. Knowing nothing of why I was there, I figured I would bring my tripod with me and set off for the fountain. When I came around the corner, a full moon was waiting for me, perfectly poised between two trees and aligned with our little fountain. This piece is called Providence.

Second: I attended a Holiday Party recently, one in which the only thing I wanted to do was assimilate into the atmosphere of socially lubricated bliss and forget all the work that centers around this time. However, I brought my camera, knowing that if something 'cool' happened, I must be prepared to engage the moment. Halfway through the evening, a troop of fire dancers preformed, and by the graces of 'fate' I came away with another exciting image.

I am no great sage, nor even a great photographer, but I am this; a student of life, and I invite you to embrace life for what it is, your grand adventure. Remember to pack light, take only what you need, get plenty of rest, and jump at the OPPORTUNITY!!!

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Blogger Lisa Snider said...

Rob, welcome to the OVN blogoshpere! What a great first post! Now I will never leave home without my camera-phone, although I fear the images I capture will not be nearly as beautiful.

12/20/2006 7:58 PM  
Blogger Rob Clement said...

Thanks Lisa, that's the spirit. But truly, there was a guy (I forget his name) who was hired by Verizon (I believe) to take photos across the US with just a phone. His shots were amazing. Basically Lisa, YOU CAN DO IT!!! HURRAY!
Also, check this link. There's a new phone from Samsung that has full, manual control, interchangable lenses, and shoots 7 mega pixels.

Thanks again Lisa.

12/21/2006 9:33 AM  
Blogger Lynn said...

Hey Rob, Awesome photos of both the Libbey Park Fountain and the fire dancer - fortunately I was also a the same party and she was awesome. You really did capture the magic!

12/26/2006 10:49 PM  
Blogger Rob Clement said...

Thank you Lynn. It was a cool party. Testimonial of the artistic venure that makes Ojai Ojai.

12/29/2006 2:30 PM  
Blogger r said...

Rob, you are not the first person in the last week to leve me with the idea that if I would stick around somewhere longer than four months I might break into the scene and find whatever it is that I am looking for out here running wild from one moment to the neXt. It has been quite overwhleming how many comments I've gotten onthis subject recently. Your call envigorated something, a passion, a realization in my soul. It is good to get the feedback that feeds the soul when speaking about art and its pursuit. Thank you. I know, as I promised have come to this site to read your blog thinking only to convey the same good will that your words brought me.
I find a written piece full of ideas pushing me out of the boX that I've created for myself lately. I see that setting and place are second to preparedness. Am I prepared to follow the syncronicity I find? I am not sure economically, though I do know how to survive on little if that is necessary. I spoke of a trip to MeXico recently. I did not speak about another trip to MeXico that was planned for eearlier this year to a ranch in the north. Nor did I fill in the past coincidences with the individual I was to make this trip with. February is coming. I have $500 to my name and a car that will be lucky to make it to Tuscon. My dog is the toughest little bitch you know. She is right for a journey such as this in her old age of 16. She needs it, the close quarters of our cabin and cold snow are drowning her good cheer. We are prepared to deny the tongues of men and women we know... Your lessons are your own. I can see how syncronistic this blog, at this time, is to my heart. To run off again and sherk responsibilities in hope of a good story and a flashy image or two...
Releasing space and time is one thing, realeasing the constraints of the heart are most definitely another. Brothers, no sojourners of this wretched and wonderful world inspire one another in strange and beautiful ways.
Your words were heard, as were the words of my mother, father, sister and close friends...
but the still and silent verse that echoes through my soul overpowers outside perspective. Funny what moves the heart and soul beyond the reasoning of the mind. "Go forth, oh man of words and struggle, struggle for the sake of it.."
Wait, did I write that 10 years ago?
Thanks for the encouragement the other day and thanks for the encouragement today. In the end, my sapnish sucks and my bank account was closed three years ago. What the hell do I have to loose.
Your old friend and wandering fool,


1/01/2007 10:57 AM  
Blogger r said...

1/01/2007 11:01 AM  

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