Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Big "Get" with Gore

Last night I was on the red carpet for the Gore/Guggenheim screening of An Inconvenient Truth at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Flash bulbs nearly blinded me and seasoned veteran reporters at every turn could have easily scooped me, but I was tenacious (okay, I was lucky). I blurted out my question and Al Gore came face to face with me with his answer. He was eloquent and passionate and spent several minutes with me. And I was the exact opposite, scribbling and shaking. Tune in for the full report (I'm still deciphering my cryptic notes) soon! This is the photo I snapped before my camera ran out of batteries of Al Gore and Davis Guggenheim as they continued on down the red carpet (it's no Rob Clement photo, but I suppose it will do). Also check-out a red carpet podcast with environmentalist, actor and former Ojai resident Noah Wyle on Radio Ojai.


Blogger Bret Bradigan said...

Congratulations, Lisa! The big capital "G" "Get" indeed. Can't wait to see your story.

Al Gore was too nice a guy to be president, or rather America had become too mean to have him for a president. That has changed, I am optimistic.

Hopefully, like the dearly departed Molly Ivins recently wrote, having eight years of Bush would be like what you do with a dog that kills chickens. You strap a chicken around its neck and leave it there until it rots and stinks to high heavens. The dog will never bother another chicken again, or vote for another right-wing incompetent crusading incurious smirker.

I remember all the manufactured outrage about
Gore's innocent (and truthful) statement that he "invented" the internet. Turns out that none other than Tim Berners Lee, the actual inventor of the world wide web, as well as other key architects of connectivity, have said that Al Gore was the only U.S. lawmaker who understood what was going on, and was instrumental in making it happen. Or El Rushbo and his cackling minions ridiculing Al Gore for saying that he and roommate Tommy Lee Jones were the models for "Love Story." Erich Segal, the author, confirmed that Al and Tommy were in fact the models for his Harvard heroes.

And yet Gore got a reputation for being a serial fabricator, and Bush got a free pass on missing his already-light National Guard duty.

What liberal media?

2/06/2007 10:06 AM  

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