Friday, March 16, 2007

One Man Band

Ohio musician Joseph Arthur - with his skilled guitar playing, driving beats and hyper-literate lyrics with uplifting and poignant messages, is one of those artists who doesn't get nearly the fame and acclaim he deserves, though the fans he does have, which includes me, are fanatical.

His live shows are particularly noteworthy, so to speak, because he performs solo with impressive technical backup - loops and beats and a vast array of effects pedals that give his music the incredible range and depth of a symphony orchestra. Wish I could find more videos from his latest effort, "Nuclear Daydream," which is his finest work yet. If you're looking for a positive message to get you through the day, check out "Don't Give Up on People."

Arthur is still maturing as an artist and it gives me great pleasure to listen as his talent deepens and broadens. He now performs with a band, but still retains his characteristic sound.


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