Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Music + Film = Art

Having been among the lucky 200,000 households in MTV's test market rollout in June 1981, I have nursed more than 25 years of jonesing for great music videos. It is a sublime addiction, feeding all my senses, especially when I would grab my gal and dance to Kim Wilde's "We're the Kids in America."

Everybody lives for the music go-round, indeed. Good times.

The music business has changed dramatically in recent years, however. And among the first casualties of these epochal changes has been the elaborate, expensive, over-the-top videos. Recording artists and record companies are now looking for cool on the cheap. The Hold Steady treadmill video being a perfect example - shot with digital for virtually nothing, it has become a viral phenomenon, lasting nearly a year.

Here's another excellent example - this sleek Swedish import from the Concretes, "The Chosen One." Money can't buy you love, or great art either.


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