Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Bob and Johnny Show

By way of blogger Will Divide (motto: I slapped a nun in Reno just to watch her cry), here's two legends in a rare duet of "Girl from the North Country."

Though I have long been a fan of Bobby D., I have even longer been a fan of J.C. My father, a rural mailman, among many other things, would play the local country station incessantly, on which Johnny Cash tunes were a staple. Whenever we had one of our not-infrequent snow days, which I dreaded because it meant that I would have to accompany my dad on his mail route, I would have this great country music etched in my brain. Marty Robbins, Hank Sr., Porter Waggoner, Earl Stanley, Lester Scruggs, even Conway Twitty, I would listen to them all. Not that I had any choice. You could only pry the tuning knob of the radio in that ancient Ford Fairlane from his cold, dead fingers.


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