Monday, June 18, 2007

Epilectic Triggers

The 2012 Olympic logo supposedly triggers epilectic seizures in certain susceptible people when seen in the short animation promotional trailer. It was hastily pulled at the first sign of trouble.

Despite all the great advances of science, we know next to nothing about the one organ that allows us to know anything about anything, our brain.

How is that flickering images can trigger a short-circuiting reflex in some and not others, for example? Or how is that not every person who watches this Horrors video, "Sheena is a Parasite," does not have a neurological meltdown?

The Horrors have taken the Prodigy based rave and trip hop music and amped it up a few degrees. This video, executing a simple concept very well, shows how videos can make music even more than it would be without the artful presentation of images, even if it floats through your mind at 144 images per second.


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