Sunday, August 05, 2007

North, to Alaska!

We just returned from our summer vacation cruising the Inside Passage to Alaska. Bill snapped this photo on our approach to Hubbard Glacier just as part of the glacier calved into Disenchantment Bay. This is one of a handful of glaciers that are advancing, yet chunks of ice the size of a house tend to break off now and then with a cacophonous crash that sounds like thunder. The colors of the ice are so beautiful, revealing a gorgeous blue hue you wouldn't believe exists unless you see it yourself (click on the photo to see what I mean).

Where did your summer vacation take you?

BTW, today at the Matilija Junior High School Auditorium from 10am – 5pm is the final Battle of the Bands, and the winners will perform again at the Locally Grown Concert later this month, check it out!


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