Saturday, January 06, 2007

Jami Sieber's Tour Comes to Ojai

When Jami Sieber, acclaimed electric cellist, contacted me recently to tell me she was coming to town, I couldn't help but wonder about her back-up band. Her press kit made mention a number of times about the Thai Elephant Orchestra, but I thought that was the name of a band. A few emails back and forth and finally it sank into my thick skull: it turns out it is the name of the band, and the band is entirely comprised of elephants!

Jami went to Thailand a few years ago to work on a film score and ended up playing music with the elephants, who have mastered a variety of instruments including the xylophone, cymbals, drums and gongs. She felt a powerful connection and decided to start composing new music with them, which soon led to the release of her latest CD, Hidden Sky.

From her press kit: "Jami has been a vibrant member of the west coast music scene since 1984. Her playing style grew out of her childhood classical training and expanded over the years embracing ambient, folk, rock, improvisational and world styles. Her compositions are evocative and mesmerizing, richly textured and innovative."

On January 12 at 7:30, Jami will make her Ojai debut in a solo concert at Sacred Space. She will share her beautiful "soul-stirring" music, incredible film with the elephants, and still images with the community. Tickets are $15 and $12 in advance and for seniors and students and are available in advance at Ojai Creates! and at the door the evening of the performance.

I listened to her CD and found it deeply contemplative and sweetly sorrowful. Enjoy the title track from Jami's critically acclaimed CD Hidden Sky at Radio Ojai.

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