Sunday, March 25, 2007

Local Music

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Fred Schmitt, a prolific singer/songwriter and a musical genius, who lives right here in our little valley. He's the real deal. He's been writing music for 35 years and has traveled some million miles over 46 states playing to anyone who would listen. He has written over 200 songs and finds it hard to keep the muse at bay. And he doesn't have a recording contract. Incredible.

Yoga Matt and I chatted him up over coffee this afternoon at Stir Crazy and turned the mics on to capture a couple of his songs, too. I posted the interview and the music on Radio Ojai. Take a listen - I think you'll feel like I I've just gotten a sneak peak of someone on the verge of great success. Any second now, he'll be in Nashville.

Also on Radio Ojai, I have a track from another Ojai band. Myridian has been featured in the Ojai Valley News before, but now you can hear them on Radio Ojai. They've got a stirring story, which you can read on their website. And this Friday, they are doing a free concert at sunset (at 5:30) in downtown Ojai, in the parking lot across from the Chevron Station. See you there!


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