Monday, March 26, 2007

Rod y Gab

Though from Mexico, guitarists Rodrigo and Gabriela are chart-topping hitmakers in Ireland, where they emigrated some years ago. The duo met in Mexico City while they were in a thrash metal band, "Tierra Acida," and moved to Ireland because they heard the Irish love buskers and street musicians.

Thank goodness for that. Their eponymous debut album, "Rodrigo y Gabriela" has been out for a year now, and the pair is just now getting noticed in America. The virtuosity of their playing is astounding - as though Yngwie Malmsteen had a mind meld with Christopher Parkening. Check out Gabriela's rasquedos - the finger-flicking right-hand action that so fast it appears to be a blur, but is actually precisely timed and rhythmic. No wonder so many musicians are amazed, and envious.


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